Over the last month or so, I have been blamed for many spills and messes at Ty's, mostly by a co-worker named Janis. I have been blamed for a ketchup spill, a lettuce incident, even a salt shaker exploding, not to mention not cleaning the bathrooms properly or doing my share of the cooking. In my defense, since I am the only male bartender, the girls have not been very nice to me, and wouldn't show me the proper cooking techniques for the bar. So I took matters into my own hands, marched into the kitchen and made my own version of the Ty's cheeseburger. It's pretty much the same burger the dumb girls make, but is made with attention to detail, and doesn't have girl cooties on it. I'm still working on 'Tater Tot Tuesday', and 'Toasted Cheese Samich Saturday'. And with liquor laws being what they are, I have suggested prune juice pong, adds a whole new meaning to, GO TEAM! Try and keep up girls, while you're putting on make- up I'll be working my way up the company ladder. Call Ty's to get my schedule, and come out for a real burger.