The final episode of biggest loser was last night, and did this group go above and beyond or what? The winner, Jeremy Britt, lost 199 pounds and took home the $250,000. If you think you need to lose a few pounds, maybe these before and after pictures will give you some incentive. Just look at our own Big Bear who has lost over 100 pounds, great job! I am getting in shape as well, the shape I've chosen is a pear, got a million of em'. Remember, check with your doctor before starting some new, radical diet, you want to look good, just not in a hospital bed. There are many ways to lose weight, and many different diets to chose from, do the research and find the right one for you, and set attainable goals so you don't get discouraged. The bottom line is to be happy with who ever you are, what ever shape you are, other people's opinion of you means nothing, be yourself.

Fitbie/ NBC