I don't know why but I will completely alleviate any will or memory to drink water during the day unless I actually have a Tall Glass of it next to me. I'm often thirsty and find myself feeling sluggish and tired and dry mouthed. I HAVE to keep drinking water to keep my energy level up. It's weird. Can't believe what a difference it makes if I drink enough water during the day.

I misplaced my big water jug recently and all but stopped drinking water all together. I never feel very well when I don't drink enough. I have very low blood pressure anyway, and without water, I get literally lethargic! ( I'd never make it in a war zone!)

Anyway, I went and bought a new big Glass to take with me. I hope I won't lose this one too! It's HUGE, this pic doesn't do it justice!

I got this one at Starbucks it was $14.95.  They've got some cool stuff in that shop!