Here's a little about my favorite teachers of all time:

A few teachers stand out in my mind from my years growing up.

Mr. Elder   5th Grade teacher at San Lorenzo Valley Elementary in Felton, CA.

Mr. Elders, was a life-changing teacher for me because he was the first person to discover that It was easier for me to learn everything rhythmically. I think I was the last person to learn my times tables in 5th grade. It wasn't until he made this discovery that I begun to learn at a faster rate. We did a lot of singing in this class! And back then it was the only way I could make sense of most things. Everything had to be put to song.

It's no wonder that I am in radio, and that I also sing for a living!

He was a great teacher.

I also remember Mrs. Capauano at Payson High School in Payson Utah.

She was my gymnastics/dance teacher and she encouraged and supported me through many years of competitive gymnastics! Without her, I probably wouldn't have survived high school

Mr. Mercer from elementary school was a life saver as well. He was the lone reason I graduated in California after a very tough senior year.

Teachers are worth so much to us as we grow and struggle through life.