Have you heard? Kennewick City Council held a workshop meeting Tuesday to discuss the fate of the  antique Carousel that the city has owned since 2003.  And they are now apparently pulling the plug!

The Three Rivers Carousel Foundation had been trying for the past eight years to raise enough money to finish restoring the historic carousel built in 1910 by carousel maker Charles Carmel.

Fundraising efforts barely covered expenses associated with restoring the carved horses. And it was predicted it would take at least a million more to get the carousel up and operational.

City manager Marie Mosley recommended the city have an audit done to see how much money was raised and where it was all spent.

Councilman Bob Parks is suggesting the carousel be sold.

There is no estimate on the carousel's value with its 45 restored horses, but the city should be able to recover its investment and maybe more according to Lisa Beaton, city attorney.

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