After I win the Mega Millions I just might buy a NASCAR team. According to Forbes, $500 million could buy any team I wanted. But I was thinking, maybe I'll just start my own team.

Yes, say hello to "Moo Beaver Racing."

To save money, our cars will be used New York City taxi cabs -- they're already dented up and most have never traveled over 35 miles per hour.

My crack staff will drop a high performance engine in that big dog and watch out! Even guys like Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon would crap their pants when they looked in their rear view mirror and saw a taxi cab right behind them drafting down the back stretch at Talladega.

I would get cool sponsors like "Scooters Corn Dog Emporium," "Dan's Taxidermy and Big-Game Sausage Shack."

My car would be No. 13, of course, and painted gloss black with green flames with the "Moo Beaver" logo on the hood.

Let's hope I win; NASCAR could use the shake up.