What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on in this world of ours. Flesh eating disease, zombie wanna Be's eating human flesh, Justin Bieber is still popular, and the Los Angeles King are one win away from winning the Stanley Cup. If that weren't enough, now a a town in India has been over run by killer spiders. Experts who have been sent to the small town of Sadiya, say they haven't been able to identify the spider yet, but say it is highly aggressive and two people have died from their bites. One of the scientists on hand said the spider could be a whole new species, thus the locals have dubbed it the "Alien" spider. How creepy is that, you're sitting around the camp fire and hairy spiders start dropping out of the trees, and running a muck through your house biting everything it can get it's fangs on. It all makes sense to me, aliens carried a spider from their planet Zoltar, and when they weren't looking the spider jumped off of the mother ship, and the rest is history. The only thing worse than a gang of spiders, would be, if you were dropped into a deep hole and have it filled up with earwigs, yikes! Don't be surprised if a small town in South America is over run by Vampire Cows, just saying.