Authorities in Ottawa Canada are puzzled and sickened by a package with a foot in it, that was delivered to  to the country's Conservative Party Headquarters, and a human hand was found at a mail sorting depot hours later. I'd stamp that sucker return to sender. Some workers opened a blood stained box and found the foot, before calling police,What?. If I received a box that is dripping blood, I wouldn't order pizza and invite some friends over so they could watch me open it up, it's dripping blood. The hand was found at an Ottawa post office in yet another bloody box. Ottawa has a big problem on their hands(no pun intended) to take the time to kill someone, cut off their feet and hands, wrap them and mail them, this person has a lot of time on his or her hands(no pun intended) I wonder what it costs to mail a foot? My first suspects would be manicurist and pedicurists, who better has access to feet and hands, just saying. It gets worse, later that night a janitor discovers a suitcase behind a building in Montreal, that has flies buzzing it and a terrible odor surrounding it. Did he call the police? Nope, he got a buddy of his who had some cutters, and they cut the lock off of the suitcase. Inside they found a rotting torso, then they called police. Apparently the horrible smell could have been some un- claimed cash or jewels, so open first, call the cops later. Good lord Canada, if it's teaming with flies and the box is blood stained, and it smells like rotting flesh, chances are it's rotting flesh, call the cops first. That is all,Eh.