I've been working on my 'Cottage Style' Garden for quite some time now, and it's coming along. So, I'm thinking I'd like to add just a small backyard pond. I want to put frogs in it too, and maybe turtles and maybe even a bunny to roam around my garden. My yard is completely fenced, but I hear you have to make sure to catch all the frogs and bring them in for the winter.So, that might be difficult.

The bunny of course would be my inside/outside pet and would only roam outside when I'm home.

I just want a small pond. Probably with a form already made so I don't have to lay the black liner down. That sounds harder. I could put one of those solar water features in it. They are pretty inexpensive. I'm excited. When I finally have time to start building it, I'll post pics and show you what I come up with. I'm gonna get my brother (in radio) Greg Delange to help me. He knows how to do everything! ;)

So I've been researching ponds to make. I found this site. Pretty cool I think.

Let me know what you think. If you've made a pond...tell me the dos and don't s so I have a heads up okay?