When someone cleaned out the KORD studio, all of our personnel pictures had to come off of the wall and cabinets. I had allot of items that listeners had given me, and pictures of family. I was very sad that it was all gone, put in a box and told to get it out of here. So imagine my surprise when I recieved a coffee mug for christmas with a picture of my two favorite people on it. When I worked at Energy Northwest way back when, I would see allot of coffee mugs with family photo;s on them, gotta say, I really wasn't that impressed. Now 25v years down the road, and two grandkids later, I get it now. My grandkids are the cutest in the world, and so our yours, and yours, as it should be. To all the grandparents out there, nice going, and you are the best grandparents in the world, I have a coffee mug that proves it.