I was craving a Taco Truck Taco today! And the Taco Truck I normally go to on 20th in Pasco was closed. :(

So I started driving around trying to recall where I'd seen other ones. I love Tony's Taco Truck on Clearwater but that was in the wrong direction and I didn't want to be gone long from work. There used to be one on Court too in the old Kmart Parking Lot, but it was gone as well. So I started heading into Pasco where I thought I'd seen some before and low and behold. A New one I'd never seen! And it was HUGE! And had a hand washer outside and a little refrigerated Salsa Bar! Pretty cool right? So I ordered to Taco's to go, and WOWZA!  They were AWESOME! Juicy, perfectly spiced, and even included a jalapeno! This one is on Court St & 4th Ave in Pasco.

I think these are the best ones I've ever had! I would have taken a pic of them but I gobbled them up too fast!