For the first time that I can remember,  Greg and I are both sick at the same time.

Stuffy head, sore throat... I just feel like a wet noodle.

If my Grandma Williams were alive she would have me fixed up in no time. Grandmas raised 10 kids and without insurance back in the day, she relied on home remedies that were handed down from her mom.

For instance, when I was a younger lad I would get canker soar -- and I mean the size of a Frisbee. My grandma would go to the cupboard and hand me the powered alum. I would wet a Q-Tip and dip it into the alum and apply to the canker sore. The pain would only last about 10 seconds and then your eyes would uncross. To my grandma's credit, the canker soar would be gone in hours -- I mean no trace of it.

Also something I still use today is pepper and milk for an upset tummy. You take a teaspoon of pepper and pour it gently onto your tongue, and slowly drink a glass of milk, swallowing the pepper. Be careful not to inhale when you have the pepper on your tongue or you could choke to death by pepper blockage. For me it works like a charm.

I would have to say my favorite cure of all time came from my Uncle Jenks.

When I was 9 or 10 years old, I would lick my lips constantly, thus I had chapped lips all the time. My Uncle Jenks told me to rub cow doo doo on my lips. I asked him if that would keep my lips from getting dry. He said nope, but it sure would stop me from licking my lips.

So while Greg and I suffer through the crud, you can read up on Old West cures from a book that was published in the 1800s.

Don't try any of the cures, some could actually kill you; they're just for fun. Achoo! Bless me.