Dodge has come out with a new 2012 Dodge Dart {click here} It took me back to when I was 16, got my drivers license, and the keys to the 1966 Dodge Dart. It was a thing of beauty, torn up front seat, rusted chrome wheels and a 227 slant 6 engine. My dad had bought the car to drive back and forth to work, and with the odometer broke we never knew how many miles the old thing had on her. My dad drove it until my oldest sister Deena turned 16, so she got drive it for a year or so more before parking it. Then my sister Carla got the car, and she tried her best to kill that slant six engine. Back in 78, 79 she would hang out at the zips in Richland and the parking lot across the street. A couple of her friends were gearheads, and that meant there cars could do some bitchin burnouts, smoke for miles around. Carla thought that was pretty bad, but the old Dart just didn't have the power to smoke em'. So her buddies would all pick up the rear of the car, Carla would gun it, and they would drop her. Still nothing to impressive, but she would chirp the tires a little. One time at dinner, Carla asked my dad what the red light was that lit up next to the gas gauge. My dad explained it was called an idiot light, it came on when you were low on oil, so he asked Carla how long it had been on. She told my dad it had only been on a couple of weeks, I thought he was going to choke on his beef pot pie. Carla got a job and bought herself a Dodge Swinger, and the 66 sat for another year. But on a fateful day in June, I passed my drivers test and the Dodge Dart was mine. I put a cassette tape player in it, and some 6x9 jensons in the back window, with new shag carpet. I found out early the Dart was no speed demon, in fact to from 0-55 mph in under 3 minutes you needed to be on an incline heading downhill. The first car is always the best car. After all the years we owned and drove that thing, my dad got more money for it than he paid for it. What was your first car? Was it as good as a 1966 Dodge Dart