Ever notice what you envision is NEVER as easy as you had thought? Well...I have to admit, this really wasn't very hard. It was however....Not pretty! As I was trying just to figure the darn thing! And, muscle it around.. and engage all the right parts of the cutter to get the job done!

Being that I couldn't 'Back up' ever with the cutter, I was doing circles!...And honestly I just didn't have time to methodically plot this out since I really didn't know what to expect at all. I had a hard time getting the dam thing out of the trailer and to the other side of the yard. I didn't have the wheels engaged...so I dragged it the whole way. Ugh!

But by the time I got it started and actually figured out how to engage the blades...I was off and runnin! But I was runnin  all over the place with little direction!. LOL !!  Just glad it was going forward and the blade was cutting. So for my first try at this...I'm just glad I got it done. And I got the whole thing done in 1 hour from pick up to drop off. So not bad huh?

Now, I just have to haul the sod out, level the ground, drain my pool from my patio and replace it in the new area and refill the pool! Then...I can RELAX!