Most of you know, I HATE to be cold! So, when fall comes it's bitter sweet, because I know winter is just around the corner. But I so love Fall! It's so beautiful out! It's a perfect time to ride my horse because the temperatures have cooled enough for him to be comfortable. And the fall colors are so spectacular! It's simply amazing how beautiful this earth is with all the fascinating color schemes in nature.

I also love those fall harvest sunsets where the whole sky turns an orangy red. Then if you add the reflection of the sunset on the water..well, I've died and gone to heaven!

We live in such a spectacular place!

I also love the smell of the fall. Lots of people start using their fireplaces and burning leaves, and I love that smell. I also love hot coffee in the mornings outside on a fall day and stews in the crockpot at night.

Big fluffy, cozy clothes and boots and scarves and things to bundle up in.

There are plenty of things I love about Fall.

Just don't ask me about Winter! Lol!

Hope you all enjoy your fall! Get outside and enjoy the colors!