I have been making smoothies with my Magic Bullet that I bought from Costco for the past year. But, recently purchased this "Ninja" at Costco  and it seems way more powerful. It can quickly blend frozen bananas, fruit, ice cubes etc.

There are so many great smoothies to make! And I love them in the morning because I normally don't feel like eating much in the morning. This way I get some fresh food in my system to start the day.

Mainly I just blend Spinich, and/or Kale and frozen banana and some frozen fruit ( I Iike the mixed berries from Costco) with some Almond milk. Sometimes I add a good protein powder. And then I add some ground Flaxeed and Agave honey if I'm craving sweet.

I've made all kinds of smoothies. And I love them all.

Some people say NOT to blend, because you can consume so many calories that you should be EATING instead. But I know I won't eat KALE unless it's in a smoothie, and sometimes I want to know I'm getting some good nutrition but I don't feel like eating, so this  works for me.

IF you are Smoothie maker and want to share your favorite recipe..Please post your reply! Thanks,