Last Friday my website guy and I worked on a blog about food bank donations. We shared tips given by volunteers and former homeless people on a thread. It has been seen by almost 1.1 million people! What did most of them say? We should add to the list! So here we go:

The No. 1 suggestion people say food banks need more of, but will never ask for, is COFFEE!

No. 2 was dog food. A lot of people asked why people were feeding dogs if they're having trouble feeding themselves. Food bank volunteers jumped to the pet owners' defense and pointed out 1) sometimes people already have pets when they fall on hard times and what are they supposed to do? The pet is supposed to suffer because their owner lost their job? and 2) some people are poor because of illness or disability and pets enrich their lives tremendously.

No. 3 was condiments -- for the same reasons spices are popular.

A lot of people agreed that CASH is a great donation to food banks. Not only can the volunteers go buy whatever their people need, but they have a special relationship with grocers that allow the money to go 3x-4x further than a regular consumer.

The blog was so popular ANOTHER blogger wrote a spin off article! You should check it out.

How did it reach a million anyway? It appears someone who works at a food bank shared it on Facebook, and their friends who work at food banks shared it, and it kept getting shared like that!