I literally know nothing about any of the athletes this year. I feel lost. But I love watching the Olympics. About every two years is all I can handle, and I think luge and ice skating is boring, but I'm still excited. With the Seahawks becoming world champions I haven't been getting psyched for the Olympics like I usually do. I almost forgot it was tonight. The Chinese opening ceremonies in 2008 were the BEST EVER, so I'm interested to see if Mother Russia will try to beat them. Here are the five things I'm most excited about:

1. The highlights. I'm not a real sports spectator, so I fully appreciate the highlights.
2. The back stories -- you know, the little clips NBC does on what you should know about an athlete, or the venue, or the match up between two athletes or nations.
3. Downhill racing.
4. Snowboarders.
5. The injuries (morbid, I know, but gotta be honest.

NBC is channel 25 or channel 6 if you have Charter.