I bought some new chew toys for my dogs today! I thought I'd post the video so you can see how big he is getting! I love him. He's sooo cute!

He is very energetic and goes into the" fight and bite" mode tearing up everything around him, so I have to keep toys and bones around so he doesn't eat the couch!

But, then he  gets tired and cuddles up to me and falls asleep like a little sweet angel and snores like a hound dog!

He's adorable! Here's a video of him playing with the new toy duck I bought at Winco...

My other dog Crystal decided to chew it to pieces within minutes so she could discover what in the world made it make that "quack" sound when she knew it wasn't a live duck!

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted I guess!

And here's his first walk on a leash today with my other dog Crystal!