It appears, say authorities, the woman found dead in a Pasco home Monday tried to fight off her attacker. (Crime scene image courtesy of KNDU-TV).

Pasco police, the Franklin County coroner and other officials said Thursday 29-year-old Monique V. Williams died sometime Saturday from a gunshot wound to the head.   The shooter,  Aaron Newport, 36, then shot himself in the head.

They were found side-by-side on a bed in the master bedroom of her home on Redonda Drive in West Pasco.   Police still have not said who made the call to authorities Monday asking police to check on Williams.   Around 8:30 am, she and Newport were found dead in the home.

Police recovered a semi-automatic pistol at the scene.  They say it appears Newport broke into the home, using a pet door in the back yard.  According to Prosecutor Shawn Sant,  "There is no evidence suggesting anyone else was involved in this crime."

Police are classifying it as a 'domestic violence related murder-suicide, because Williams had defensive wounds, indicating some sort of struggle with Newport prior to the shooting.   The two were in some sort of relationship, but had since broken up.   Police still don't know if Newport went to the home with the intent to kill Williams.

The investigation continues and should be concluded within a few months.