In 1968, two of the fastest muscle cars went head to head in one of the greatest movie car chase scenes ever filmed. What made it so great was the cars, a 1968 Mustang GT Fastback against a 440 Dodge Charger R/T. The movie was Bullit, staring Steve McQueen as a detective in San Francisco, yes before Harry Callahan. Over on the set of Fox's 'Alcatraz', they plan on shooting the car chase, as they put it, shot to shot. It won't be 68 Stang vs a Charger, but if you ever saw the original chase, it may be pretty good. Fox will air the chase on the season finale, March 26th. I hope they do it justice, and not use a Ford Focus chasing a Dodge Neon, that would suck.  In the Bullit chase scene, Steve McQueen drives about 10% of the 10 minute scene which hit speeds of  120 to 130 miles per hour. On a side note, there were two Mustangs in the movie, both on a promotional loan from Ford Motor Company. I'll be watching Fox, don't screw this up.