Sometimes you read stuff and just shake your head, and you wonder how guys like this got to where they are. I was so mad after I read this, I will just post the story and let you comment.


Don’t play with your food!  A New York City councilman has introduced a bill that would force fast food chains like McDonald’s to stop including toys in any of their Happy Meals that have 500 calories or more.  He says the toys encourage children to eat poorly.  But he should talk- the portly politician is not only overweight, but a big fan of Big Macs!  His health-conscious wife, who is a vegetarian and keeps in shape by doing yoga, says her husband knows she doesn’t approve of his fondness for fast food (so he devours the stuff in private).  He’s admitted to grabbing lunch at McDonald’s or Popeye’s most days, and usually opts for food he can eat on the go- he blames his busy lifestyle for his poor diet.  On the one hand, the issues of obesity and the importance of a healthy diet seem close to the councilman’s heart- he’s apparently struggled with his weight for years.  But on the other hand, is a chubby politician who condemns fast food but also eats it regularly just a hypocrite?

Do you think fast food restaurants that include toys with unhealthy kids meals are irresponsible?  Do you eat fast food?  Do you think there’s nothing wrong with it? Do you think this guy is just a big, fat hypocrite?