It's always surprises me how the most popular person at my house is "Bob." We got him at a yard sale and gave him a t-shirt and a warm place to sleep.

I was working in the front yard while my boys played several years ago when I noticed our neighbor was holding a yard sale. One of the items was a gigantic teddy bear. When the sale was done and the neighbor was packing up I sent my boys over with a $10 bill to bring home the bear. Sure, I was "dad of the year" (again) but little did I know Bob's popularity would only grow.

He's the first thing people notice when they walk in my house.

"Oh, you've got a giant bear..."

But even now when the boys are teenagers their friends still grab Bob and lay on him while playing video games and make sure he's included in their sleepovers.

Maybe this is why "Ted" is my favorite movie.