In Jupiter, Florida a man was bowling and accidentally hit the gun in his pocket. It went off and shot him in the leg! That's got us thinking, "What kind of gun was it?!"
It definitely wasn't a Glock, that's for darn sure. If it was a gun with a hammer, did he have the hammer cocked in his pocket? Because that's double stupid. If it was a little piece of junk, what's he doing carrying it around as his personal defense weapon?

The reason we know it wasn't a Glock is those guns only fire when a finger pulls the trigger. There's a new book about how the Glock became the coolest gun in the world. It's called, "Glock: The Rise of America's Gun." I haven't read it but I heard the author interviewed and then forgot all about it until I came across it in Barnes & Noble last night. The name is kind of a hidden joke because Glocks are an Austrian gun. The story of how they became so popular in America is a fascinating one. The company pushed hard to get Glocks into Hollywood movies and into the hands of law enforcement. They used to hire strippers to be sales reps -- but not how you think. The women would be thoroughly educated about guns and then told to where business attire. Retailers were often oblivious to the night job of the sexy women talking guns with them.