When we read this story, we thought for sure it was a typo...man arrested for FWI?

Apparently....NOT.  A Minnesota man has been arrested for "f.w.i." or frying while intoxicated.  Police responded to an alarm at a Minneapolis Pizza Hut location expecting to find a robber or someone trying to crack the till.  What they found was a heavily intoxicated Pizza Hut employee,  who had turned on the deep fryer, and was attempting to fry up some wings.  Officers found frozen wings scattered over the floor, and the man's blood alchohol level was .22, more than three times the legal limit in Minn.   He was charged not only with breaking and entering but because of his intoxicated state, authorities say he could have conceivably caused a fire that probably would have destroyed the store....he wasn't a burglar, he just had the munchies..don't think he will be getting employee of the month anytime soon.