Flat Top Park in West Richland is the community’s largest park.

The park had a large soccer field that was next to a beautiful vineyard. The two basketball courts needed some new nets, but were usable. A very small baseball diamond is in the corner of a very large field that could be used for softball. I don’t remember there being bases – bring your own just in case. The two horseshoe pits were in decent shape.

A large pavilion would accommodate a good-sized family reunion. The park had several benches scattered.

The park has a medium-sized climbing toy my kids enjoyed with gravel beneath it. As a parent, I’m not a huge fan of gravel, but so few parks have them these days that my kids enjoyed having something different to play in.

My least favorite thing about this park was the litter. The community of West Richland should be ashamed and embarrassed by the amount of trash I found in the children’s play area. This is clearly a park for adults with the soccer field and horseshoe pits in good shape, but fast food trash and candy wrappers allowed to litter the play area. The most appealing aspect of the park is its location next to scenic Flat Top Peak. But the area between the trail and the park has not been well maintained.

It features a war memorial and hosts free concerts in the summer. The free concerts are 7 p.m. on July 1 & 15, Aug. 5 & 26.