Justin Beiber fans were not real happy when he didn't win the Grammy Award for 'Best New Artist', let's just say they wanted Esperanza Spaldings head on a stick

Beiber fever hit an alltime high Sunday, when Grammy Judges didn't give the 'Beib", the award his army thought he deserved. Twitter and Facebook exploded with threats, including kids wanting the Grammy Judges wacked, killed, plugged, take a dirt nap, just too name a few. They hacked into Esperanza's Wikipedia page and called her some, not so nice names, and asking who she was anyway, and she should go die in a hole. 12 year old girls are so cute when they're mad. This guy Beiber is like the leader of China, he has millions of followers and they're all under four foot tall. Something to think about, Beiber is from Canada, and with a million or so in his army, they could march across the border and seize control of North and South Dakota. Note to parents, stop letting you kids listen to Beiber cd's backwards, he's pulling some sort of Jedi mind trick with his jibber jabber. Justin Beiber seems to have his head on straight, and that's nice to see from someone that young, but take a few minutes at your fan club website, and let the the little beggers know it's not alright to kill someone over a lost trophy. Nip it in the bud fella, next year if you don't get a Grammy for 'best song' or 'best album', we'll have tweens burning down malls, and fencing in the state of North Dakota, and changing the name to