With the 19th annual Melonville Comedy Fest just around the corner, it got me thinking how fast time has slipped by. Myself, and my former morning show partner, Jeff Turnbow, were the hosts for the first ever comedy fest. Back then it was called the 'Duperbowl of Comedy', thanks to the NFL we can't say super. The annual show has moved from the Thompson Hallto the Hermiston Community Center, but it still remains one of the premiere comedy events in our area. Roy Woods Jr, Chris Alpine and Nathan Brannon will be your comedians this year, in fact, Chris Alpine was the headliner at the very first show. With 19 years flying by, I realized I have gotten older, so I came up with my signs I'm getting older.

Chuck's signs he's getting older:

* Getting into bed takes as much effort as getting out.

* Cheaters aren't people who don't play fair, they're extra eye glasses.

* I watch the History channel, and say,'I remember that'

* A soft stool, and a soft 'bar' stool are equally important.

* I can watch one channel at a time a time because I'm to tired to hunt for the remote.

* What I consider young, 'whipper snappers', are now in their 30's

* Ed Daily is playing songs from the first album you ever bought.(legends of country,Sunday's 7am)

* I go to a strip club, and notice a mole on one of the dancers, and first thought is'wow,she should really get that looked at'

* And finally, a sign I'm getting old, my grandson thinks I know everything, and my wife don't.

Catch the Melonville Comedy Festival, Saturday January 28th at eight o' clock. One night only this year.For more information find Melonville Comedy Festival on Facebook.

What's your sign, you are getting older?, come on, share.