The choice to own a dog or cat is one of personnel preference. With all the choices for pets these days, no two animals are considered the perfect pet like cats and dogs. You don't here people compare a boa constrictor to a black lab, or a goat vs a tabby. For the most part there is no gray area, you either think cats are better than dogs and vice versa. Cats nap, dogs sleep. Cats purr, dogs bark. Cats use a litter box, dogs use the yard. There's pros and cons in everything we do, and in the pets we pick. I believe the perfect pet is an ant farm, glass encased, no feeding or watering, and when they stop digging you throw the whole thing away.It's time for you, pet owners to settle the score. What makes a better pet, cat or dog. Leave your comment below, I will give the results tomorrow durning the morning show.