Big Bear and I received an email from a listener and wanted our advice. We posed the scenario to our listeners and had them call in with advice for Angie. Here's her letter. What do you think? Every call we go said to "dump him!"

Dear Bear & Faith 

I went to visit my boyfriend at work last week and was stunned when I found out he has a secret online dating profile. He and his 'boys' at work created it as a joke and spend their downtime chatting with clueless women. My boyfriend posted fake pics of another guy and wrote a fake profile that doesn't even resemble him. He said he joined the site because he is bored with his job and not because he is cheating. Do you think he is cheating or is he telling the truth? Why would he let me read his profile and messages if he was cheating? Should I believe him or not? Please's driving me crazy!