As I get older, I notice the aches and pains a little more. Things I use to do seem like too much work now, and I just don't seem to have the time for some of that stuff -- like running or exercise.

So when I saw this video of the mall walkers breaking out into a flash mob I was inspired. Lots of older people are still very active, like my dad. He's in his upper 70's and still fishes every day, works on his hot rods and really hasn't slowed down much since he retired. If anything, he's picked up the pace.

With all of that said, I got to thinking about how much I have slowed down over the years, and came up with my signs I'm getting older. Feel free to add any I might have missed in the comment box below.

-"I've Fallon and can't get up" commercials aren't nearly as funny as they use to be.

- I watched two hours of C-Span because I couldn't find the remote.

- I get winded jogging my memory.

- I've read articles from the AARP magazines... on purpose.

- I believe slip-on-shoes are the best invention ever.

- It takes three good rocks to build up enough momentum to get out of the rocker recliner.

- My hearing is bad, eye sight going fast, and my memory... not sure where I was going with this.

- Swollen joints have nothing to do with marijuana.

- Being regular means going to the pharmacy every two weeks to pick up medication.

- Robbing the cradle would mean dating someone in their 30s.

- Tums are the new lifesavers; I eat Wheat Thins instead doughnuts, and prefer prune juice over a shot of crown.

- You wish more people would visit you because getting up to answer the door is your only exercise.

- Being 'pooped' has a whole new meaning.