The kids are out of school and now the summer vacation has started. Even if I take a week off I get bored! But never fear! Here are 5 things that will keep your kids entertained all summer long.

1. THE COUCH Your children will spend more time playing with the couch than with all of their Hot Wheels, Geotrax and princess dolls combined. It's a trampoline for launching little sisters toward the ceiling fan. Beneath it you'll find puzzle pieces, socks, candy wrappers, TV remotes,and fossils. It's a napkin, a tissue, it will get peed on, cried on, kicked and hugged, a place for both time-outs and times to snuggle. It will never look as good as it did the day you brought it home, and don't even think of shining a black light on it once the kids have gotten a hold of it—it’ll rival any over-the-top scene from CSI: Miami.

THE COFFEE TABLE!  This piece of furniture marks the difference between people who have young children and people whose children no longer consider boogers a treat. People with older children—or no children yet—have things like books, magazines, and glass framed photos on their coffee tables. People with young children do not have anything on their coffee tables except smears, some crayon, scratches, and a my little pony sticker that refuses to come off. Instead of a display place for civilized items, the coffee table will be a place for your kids to construct train sets, work on their impressionism art with marker, and to practice their Olympic long-jump from the coffee table to the nearest couch. (They kinda go hand in hand)

COOKWARE Oh yah should have just bought them a drum set. Since you only microwave food for your children, your cookware will sit in the cupboard collecting dust until your children discover it. Then it will become a drum set, helmet, and hiding place for little green army men.

TOILET PAPER And who could blame the kids for this. Even the cat plays with toilet paper! Kids can't resist theses little rolls of wonderment and fling them all over. One good thing about using up an entire roll of toilet paper in less than six seconds is that the empty roll instantly becomes a telescope, megaphone, arm cast, and tunnel for the gerbil you may be talked into purchasing at some point this summer

CARDBOARD BOXES Hands-down, these are the best gift a parent can give her child. The bigger the box, the better. It’s a playhouse, a fire engine, a rocket ship, a boat, a toboggan. It can be scribbled on, stabbed, crushed, dragged outside and rolled down a hill. Score a big cardboard box and everyone wins! A refrigerator box? You can lose your kids for the whole summer! Maybe a new washer & dryer? Boys fort & Girls club! That rules!