Barbi and Ken are all over facebook and twitter, asking the general public if they should get back together. Like allot of people, I didn't know they broke up, who knew? I must say, if i were Ken, i would think twice about hooking back up with the queen of dollyworld. I'm no expert, but isn't there way more female versions of the plastic goddess than male? Barbi has many different personalities to go with her ever changing careers. Cowboy Barbi, Cop Barbi, Lifeguard Barbi, and my favorite, Lawyer Barbi. That's how she got all of Kens stuff the first time around. If I were Ken, I would play the field, oh ya, that reminds me, Cheerleader Barbi. Ken, with all those options, date like a mad man, and don't get tied down. I vote no for the Barbi and Ken reunion. Just a note Ken, stay away from Skipper, she's dating G.I Joe and he's got a jealous streak a mile wide, he'll rip your plastic head off and burn it with a magnefine glass. I Voted.

They met in 1961 and formed a decades long courtship. Then, in 2004, Barbie and Ken decided to take some time apart, and Barbie stated dating Australian surfer doll Blaine.

Now Mattel is using the web, Facebook and Twitter to let America decide if Barbie and Ken should get back together. For his part, the anatomically incorrect Ken doll is using his Facebook and Twitter pages to profess his love for Barbie.