From bad drivers in the Tri-Cities to Seahawks looking like a bad High School team, just a few things that caught my eye in the last few days. (read at own risk)

First off, to all you folks still driving and talking on your cell phones, still. How should I put it. Just sit on your phone while you drive, because that's where your head is. You can drive, or talk on your phone, because 99% of you can't do both. The thing you don't do while you drive and talk is use your blinker. A simple task for most, pull up turn right. Push down turn left. But a jackass on a cell phone doesn't have a free hand, so they turn, and change lanes with out any prior notice. You chatty bone heads are still causing accidents, and really annoy others who are trying to get some where with out you brain dead morons cutting us off because your not paying attention to the road. Instead you are spewing meaningless dribble to a friend who is probably driving as well. Take the bus.

Dear Seahawk fans, sorry, but the Hawks are, well you know. 6 to 3 loss to Cleveland, really? Pete Caroll couldn't coach a starving squirrel out of a tree with a hand full of nuts. I want the Hawks to win, I would love to cheer for them, but over the years the "wait till next year " battle cry just got old. I feel for you die hard fans, it must be tough. I think if I was a true Seahawk fan I would be on suicide watch during the regular season. Hey, the bright spot is we are not the Indianapolis Colts this year, 62 to 7 thumping from the Saints. YIKES!!!  I will still root for the Seahawks, it just won't be as loud.

Finally, thank God for grandkids. I love spending time with them even when they're cranky. Grandkids are like dogs, they are always happy to see you, and sometimes leave a little stain on the couch.