Townsquare media along with other sponsors and Habitat for Humanity are going to have an IMPACT on the lives of our local elderly, disabled and veterans. Join US MAY 18th as we join other teams  by sponsoring  our own project house to have an IMPACT !

Contact Greg Delange To help us help another Tri City family that needs a helping hand on MAY 18!!

The impact house we have needs some roof repair work.
Plus some repair work on a ramp the ramp itself is fairly new and just needs some support work.
Those two projects along with a small sprinkler move will go a long way to making her life a bit easier and safer as well.

We are currently putting together a team to help with general repairs and roofing on a home here in the Tri-Cities.  If you have the know - how and are able to come out May 18th  and support Habitat for Humanity along with Townsquare Media  join us and have an IMPACT!

Sign up today and help some of the less fortunate elderly and /or disabled be able to keep their house safe and secure.


contact: Greg DeLange @

work: 509-547-kord or 509-547-9791