March Madness, the big dance, first round, second round, third round, sweet 16, the elite 8, and finally the final 4. The first round will be Tuesday and Wednesday, with the winners joining the second round and 64 team bracket play which starts Thursday. Like the NCAA BCS football championship mess, allot of good teams are left out of the tourney by the selection committee, which I believe is nothing more than drunks throwing darts at a dart board with the names of college teams glued to it. Hit a team, their in. The Washington Huskies won the pack 12 regular season title, but they didn't get a bid, but Lamar with a record of  23-11 is in, more Fireball for the Selection committee.  Unless you go to one of the schools that are involved in the tournament, you could care less who wins, it's all about the office pool. You may not know Creighton from Xavier, but if you picked them all you care about is that team needs to keep winning. Big money will change hands in Vegas, and at offices all over the United States, someone who knows nothing about basketball will win the pool, guaranteed. Good luck.


Bracket Courtesy of Fox Sports