Yesterday afternoon we told you there was a bad car wreck just outside our studio on the corner of A Street and 28th here in Pasco.

We also suspected one of our coworkers was involved. When she came in today -- shaken and sore but otherwise fine -- she related the following story:

Yesterday coming back to the office heading east on A Street, a truck swerved into her lane, pushed her into the curb, spun her around and threw her van into the parking lot across the street. The truck came out of the spin and hopped the curb into the Flamingo Village trailer park next to the Blue Bridge. It slammed into a parked Honda and pushed it into the trailer.

The whole driver's side of the van was wrecked -- a 2012 vehicle she bought in January!

The good news is everyone was OK physically.

But this wreck freaked everyone out because our corner is cursed. Most people know an officer was killed a little further up the street near the corner of 28th and Lewis Street. Someone in the office remembers a pedestrian getting hit by a car a few years ago, and the coworker in the accident was told by a Flamingo Village resident that a child was killed by a car about one year ago.

Is the corner cursed?