Relationship expert Marc Rudov, says men should boycott Valentines Day this year. This guy says he has a girlfriend, and I believe her name is Helen Keller. As the one of the three events that men should not forget approaches, Valentines Day, (birthday and anniversary are the other two) Marc Rudov says men play along with the whole valentines Day fiasco, because they are afraid of getting the cold shoulder in the bedroom, and if they don't shell out the goodies they are called cheap. Mr. Rudoz thinks women just have to sit back and get showered with gifts,  that men have to shell out gobs of money for. Apparently this encourages inequality between the sexes on,' Nomance Day',  his words, not mine. You want 'Nomance Day'. Come home with some beer, a stack of hungry man salsbury steak TV dinners,  and the complete Rambo movie collection, with a scented candle that says, 'Merry Christmas" on it. Slap her on the butt and say, 'Happy Valentines Day, Babe".  There is a song that says, 'there's a thin line between love and hate", and when you finally come around, guess which side of the line you'll be laying on. Buck up little campers and play along, or you may not get a powertool for Fathers Day.

Marc Rudov, the self-proclaimed No Nonsense Man, he contends that real men should boycott Valentine's Day, which he calls "Nomance Day." He describes Valentine's Day as "phony, guilt-driven, over-priced" and "all about her."