I've recently been re-Inspired to eat healthier! My Niece is a Cross fit guru and is really good at creating awesome meals that are healthy and tasty.  I also just started with Cross fit. The Food Theory behind that all is Paleo Diet, which I try to eat anyway, and I think there is some convincing research that supports it.

Half the battle to eating well is figuring out WHAT to eat right? And it always seems overwhelming! (Or at least for me) But, I had decided I was going to go dairy free (except for eggs), gluten free and also stop putting salt on everything. And of course the big one for ME, is I have to quit the SUGAR!

So to get started, I went to Costco and bought a whole bunch of fruits and veggies and and lean protein sources, like Salmon, Organic Lean Beef Sirloin, Chicken Loins and even some Morning Star Veggie Sausage Patties.

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The first thing I did was made a Big Huge Salad with tons of veggies in it and put it in the fridge. And, I'm only allowing myself Oil and Vinegar Dressing.

Then every morning I've been making a big breakfast. And making extra to take to work. At night when I cook dinner, I also make extra and save for my next day lunch at work. There is always fresh salad available so that helps when I need a quick something. And so far...it's working well!

I've concocted some really tasty dishes with just lean meats and veggies and I think my taste buds are getting used to the no salt thing. Also, you noticed I stay away from Dairy except for Eggs. Here is WHY! (I think eggs have gotten a bad rap!)

I'm trying to exercise everyday too for at least an hour! And so far...I'm VERY sore! But, I'm glad I'm doing it!

How are your New Years Resolutions going? Before you congratulate me on doing well, (teeheee) Keep in mind, I totally blew it right out the gate! Plus, I spent a week in Mexico eating and drinking EVERYTHING! So..I'm just now getting on track. Every day is a NEW day right?

If you want some great recipes..talk to my niece Michaela North at Hungry Fitness!

And you can always email me too or call or text or face book! I've actually surprised myself at the great dishes I've come up with. And I'm more than willing to share my ideas that are easy and quick!

Good luck! And Happy Eating!