I could go all summer with out getting stung or bit by a bug or bee, and that would be fine with me. Now a yellow jacket and a wasp are a whole nother animal as it were. If you've ever been stung by one of these things, you know they can sting you more than once, and they usually do. Growing up, red ants could ruin your day in a hurry. Sometimes you would be standing around and not notice you were in the middle of a red ant pile, for the ants, game on. In my youth I have done the 'red ant shake' dance more than once. It must have been payback for the spray painting, firecrackers, and gas attacks of all of those ant hills over the years. As we tryand avoid such things as bites and stings, there is an entonologist at the University of Arizona who has spent years letting thinks bite him. "O.K. class, today we will go out and stir up a hornets nest, and stand around and get stung multiple times, and writedown how it feels" Is this the same guy who teaches lip tattooing as a 'Fun and relaxing experience'. So we don't have to, this guy has made a list of the  10 most painful stings, thanks to dailymail.com. Good luck this summer, I hope this helps you not get bit or stung.

Eddie Wren,dailymail.com