Well as mysteriously as my bunny showed up in my yard, she has now disappeared!

Funny you can give someone a perfect home with all the comforts they need and lots of love and they still leave. I guess she has the wandering spirit, cause she was not in her bunny pen this morning. I imagine she will hop on into someone Else's  life the way she did mine (and get them to buy all kinds of bunny supplies and accessories!) lol...then move on to another adventure. I thought she was very happy with me, so I'm trying not to feel hurt over it. There was the mixup of me calling her Chester and thinking she was a boy for a bit, but I was sure she forgave me for that. ;)
Well..I guess it was just not meant to be! :(

Now before you grace me with the presence of all your extra bunnies or pets, I should tell you I am not interested in getting another bunny. I loved her and I don't want another one.

IF however, you see my bunny hopping around the neighborhood, she is very friendly. Please call me and let me know. And I would gladly welcome her back.

Thank you!

In honor of the fabulous times we had together

Here are some videos:

My son just sent me this one..he made it today when he found out she left.