I finally talked my cousin into getting new furniture. They hadn't touched their interior decor since 1991! Her husband recently passed away and as part of moving on I convinced her to make a change. She'll be visiting me at my remote Saturday at Walker's Furniture to pick out some new stuff. If any of the photos below remind you of your home, maybe you should come join me as well!

1. Green shag carpet!

Flickr, Lisa Brewster

2. Sunburst clocks!

Flickr, Sookie

3. Your couch came from a curb

Flickr, Kirrin

4. You have at least one piece of furniture held together by duct tape!

Flickr, Bruce Szalwinski

5. Your wallpaper looks like this

Flickr, Ken Hawkins

If you don't need Walker's Furniture because you prefer Redneck style, then check out these fun pics submitted by listeners.