On Friday my morning show partner posted a story about me that wasn't very flattering to say the least. It was basically a smear campaign brought on for no apparent reason. I took the high road and thought I left my response on Saturday, but to my surprise, Greg had hacked into my story and changed the whole thing to make himself look better, such a child. In my first response, I tried to be level headed about the whole thing, knowing Greg has the mentality of a soap dish. To think I take time out of my morning to try and teach Greg every morning the finer points of being a respected on-air person. I meet Greg in the parking lot every morning at 6:30 when his mom drops him off with his Dora the Explorer back pack, and the extra pair of pant in case of an accident. I rarely make fun of his bald head, no chin, short legs, stupid t-shirts, his uni brow, man boobs, yellow teeth, and the fact that the only women in the world who will date him hasn't been born yet, but I'm not bitter about his post on the website. Greg I will be the bigger man and admit you were wrong, but I won't ask for an apology, we'll just let this thing go. I will be there tomorrow morning when you arrive, with a fruit box and a smile. Your Friend, Chuck Hall