I’ve been talking on the air about how sore I am lately, between hiking Badger Mountain, and trying to do Bikram Hot Yoga at least 4 times per week! And some weight training, I have an aching bod! So, today…I treated myself to an incredible massage! Jessica was my massage therapist at BodyBio Clinic in Kennewick!

I’ve never had a massage before where they use their elbows and arms all the way down your scapula and throughout your back! It was just simply incredible! And she was strong enough to get deep into all those sore muscles that have knotted up all over in my neck back and even my hamstrings and calves.

I’ve never invested in myself like that. You know, I mean taking care of myself, pampering myself a little to make sure I get what I need to feel healthy and care for myself inside and out! And I figure at 50 years old…NOW IS THE TIME!