Remember I told you about  my $600 Gazebo that I bought from Lowes' last summer!?

I think I actually got to sit under maybe 3 times before the wind Blew it over into the side of my house! I had even anchored it into the concrete pad that I had poured for it too! Darn Wind!! Anyway, I pried it off the siding of my house and laid it flat where it sat all winter! That whole impulsive venture of mine cost me about $2500. And I had such high hopes of a beautiful Gazebo!

I thought about having a welder try to fix it and put it back up, but that seemed a bit overwhelming for me.

So, my buddy Greg Delange said he could fix it and use it. He offered to pay me for it but I was just happy to have it gone! He showed up to pick it up with his truck and he and his son Dustin, brought me a beautiful tree for my yard! They even planted it for me! And I love it!

I looked at the tag this morning before I threw the tag away so I could tell you what it was called but I promptly forgot. It's a Elder of some kind I think...or is that Alder?...hmmm....and I'm thinking it's Chinese something...shoot, I really don't remember but it's beautiful and he got it at Heritage Nursery.

Anyway, Thank you to my very good friend Greg and his son Dustin. Greg is always a life saver! He's the kind of friend you can always count on. He's smart and always willing to lend a hand. I feel very blessed to have him as my friend!