My friend bought a bouncy house and wants to start a business. I had to help her drive it up to Seattle to be tested before it was legal. Wait, that means... someone's job is testing bouncy houses?
I want the job. Here's what I'd check for:

  • Can you do a back flip?
  • Can you do a front flip?
  • How high can you jump?
  • Can you jump on your back and then land on your feet?
  • Can you bounce against the walls like in a professional wrestling ring?
  • Does it have a slide?
  • Does it smell like funky feet?
  • Can you plug the air in and float it on the river?
  • Is it comfortable enough for sleep overs?
  • Can it connect to other bouncy houses to make a giant bounce castle?

So what do you think? Will they give me the job?