The world lost a great man over the week end.  Billy Harris passed away in his sleep Friday, and his family and friends woke up a little sadder, but if you knew Billy you can't help but smile as we remember a true gentleman.

I worked for William Harris in 1990 and part of 91 as a bartender at Billy's Bullpen, and to this day I am truly a better person because of it. If you ever stopped at Billy's Bullpen when Billy was working, it didn't matter if you were the President of the United States or some one just killing time while their tires were getting rotated at Les Schwab, Billy treated them all the same. Billy called em' like he seen em', some folks wer 'Kookie' or a 'dinger donger dangor'.

Billy always had his glasses hanging around his neck so he could read the sports page, the stock market  report or sometimes, the horse racing form. Most week days you could count on a few of the regulars sitting at the bar talking about everything under the sun, and watching the cooking channel, with the volume down.

Billy Harris had a way of making you feel special, he would ask how you were doing, and would stand there an talk to you as long as you wanted. If you rolled dice for a beer, a sure winner was 5 clickities in a week, some of you know what I'm talking about. I'm proud, but more honored to call Billy Harris a friend. All my thoughts and prayers go out to Alice and the kids, thanks for sharing Billy with all of us.