In the midst of working here at the radio station, I had a busy weekend with home projects and playing music.

I had spent all day  removing sod and leveling the area to replace my pool. Anyway, oddly enough, ? I got heat exhaustion!

Weird huh? Not to mention a pretty nasty sunburn (which I usually don't get) Anyway, I didn't see it comin! I guess I was dehydrated from working outside in the heat all day. Then on the way to my gig in Hermiston to set up. I got sick and had to stop and throw up! (sorry) And it took a while to feel okay again. (weird)

The reason I tell you this is symptoms were fatigue (which is common for me so I didn't think anything of it.) And, dizziness which is also common for me sometimes. lol...and disorientation..which is not unusual for me and I embarrassingly admit! Bahahahaaaa! :) Seriously!

But, the thing that surprised me was the rapid heart rate...and the instant nausea and need to throw up all of a sudden. And the EXTREME EXHAUSTED feeling! Like no tolerance...just need to survive feeling.

It was awful I have to admit. So it was a rough day for me. But we performed before the Fireworks at Hermiston's Butte Park, and it was a fantastic event with an amazing display of Fireworks! So all was well. I spent the following day working in the sun as well but this time I made sure to stay hydrated and took breaks in the cool pool or air conditioning!