The "in" style lately is the big spiral curls right? So, some time ago, I bought this new Styling Wand.

I have to admit, I'm tired of burning my fingers and my head! It came with a black glove, but that seemed like a hassle. I love the curls when I can make it all work. But, It's painful! And it takes quite a long time to get my whole head of hair curled in spirals.

So, I went to Sally's beauty supply today (and noticed by the way they had 1027 KORD on!!) and just bought a normal curling iron. This kind you DON'T have to hold the end of you hair the whole time.

The last time I had my hair cut by Angie at Illusions Salon. She told me I should NOT use a Flat Iron. She said those are too harsh on hair, mainly because people tend to go over and over the same strand of hair to get the frizz out and this is very damaging.

So..who knows..for sure which Iron is best to use on hair. But, I'm going to just stick to the good old fashioned normal curling Iron I think. I say this as I am looking down at my burnt fingers from using the WAND today!