Everybody keeps asking me, "How are you doing?" "What's new?" "What you been up to?" "How was your weekend?" and I only have one answer: Terror Behind the Screen. Big Jim and I are building it every evening to be ready to open later this month. I'm also building one in Yakima. Check out the photo of my recent creation:

The Tri-Cities haunted house will be in the old K-Mart on west Court Street across from the Pasco Post Office. As I mentioned, we're also building one in Yakima and this weekend I built the mosoleum. It's 15 feet high and was designed by a former Disney imagineer.

It was really interesting to build because the whole time I'm thinking, "This isn't going to work." But once I was all done, it's as sturdy as a rock.

It kind of reminded me of medieval cathedrals. Instead of building wider bases to support taller ceilings, they came up with buttresses to better distribute the weight from the top down. That's exactly how this thing works. The base was extremely light and the top was ridiculously heavy. It took three grown men to hoist the top up. It was flimsy like a wet noodle until I screwed the columns in place, and then, as if by magic, all the weight distributed evenly and it was sturdy like a brick wall.